Cabling and connectivity is critical in a modern IT infrastructure... are your Network Solutions up to speed?

More and more people in homes and in business are finding the need for appropriate network solutions,  both wired and wireless connectivity available to make them always online. The need to have additional hardware networked is growing more important to get the most from your business hardware.

ITTS are Network Solution Specialists; we can provide numerous network solutions from the basic wireless printer setup to a fully flood wired buildings with standard CAT5, CAT6 & Fibre Optics cabling options.

ITTS offer an array of wireless solutions from point to point wireless to link buildings together and UniFi wireless  device solutions for all types of business and end user. There is a network solution to suit your situation and ITTS are there to provide expert advice with cost saving solutions,

Whatever your needs may be in whatever your location we can provide a solution to get you networked at affordable prices. Office refurbishments, additional sockets cross building connectivity, multiple floor buildings are among our service solutions.

We offer bespoke solutions to clients ever changing requirements and offer support and advice in plain English.

At ITTS we deal with numerous hardware providers from 3com to Zyxel and as Cisco/Draytek/Sonicwall experts, providing high end network technology for the SME sector is our forte.

For consultation on hardware situations and the solutions we have for them please contact us for more information.