Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is fast becoming the new way to manage and work on your office documents. Where traditional MS office use has been limited to the office workstation and the single licence for it.

Office 365 offers a new varied approach to document management.

The ever growing requirement to have information available on the go, and on a portable device, has made Microsoft re-evaluate the way we use our software to run our businesses.

Office 365 has many advantages over it's traditional single install instance, such as:

  • 5 licences per user to install on multiple devices, such as PC, laptop and tablet
  • Access to software and your account from any internet enabled computer with a web browser
  • The ability to mix with both PC and MAC operating systems
  • Always having the latest version of the software available to you to reduce incompatibility issues
  • Month by month payment options to aid in cash flow, reducing the initial hit of day one outlay for software licences.
  • Email mailboxes with 50GB of mail space and automatic Spam filtering.
  • Additional applications and features such as MS Lync, and Skype integration.

The pluses are vastly superior to the traditional single instance of the software and the ever changing business requirement for the mobile office makes Office 365 a useful and viable addition to your business. It can help save costs by:

  • reducing the need for Mail servers in house.
  • eliminating the need to base software on individual hardware.

As Microsoft re-sellers ITTS are in an excellent position to aid clients with Office 365 integration in their business.

We can offer a hand holding approach and perform routine maintenance and management functions on your behalf, remotely, without any impact on your day to day business day.

We can help with basic support issues and even deal with Microsoft support on your behalf, should the need ever arise.

For more information on how Office 365 can be implemented into your business, contact one our our consultants for some expert, independent advice on software management withing your company.