Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a topic that no business owner ever wants to performing. However a suitable Disaster recovery position is critical to knowing if in the event of a disaster of any kind, you have a company that continue to function.

Backup solutions can be an expensive practice for a 'just in case' situation, and most businesses don't have an adequate backup solution in place to recover their business sufficiently, in the event of any kind of loss.

ITTS perform Disaster recovery procedures and apply policies to clients as part of our comprehensive support services. We can offer solutions to cover you from basic offsite data copies to fully managed documented and tested recovery environments to give you peace of mind that in the event of a loss, your business will not suffer. 

Some of Our services include

  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Documenting
  • DR training 
  • Dry run testing and validity checking.

We also offer a offsite Disaster Recovery solution that can tick the box in most cases that you have a point of recovery should the worst happen, and our DR solutions start at just £25 per month.

  • An offsite backup of data in a secure private data facility
  • with a service where backups are checked daily for consistency  
  • Removes the need for human interaction with the backup process, implementing a fully automated procedure which reports its status on a daily basis. Removing the reliance on a member of staff or company director remembering to change the tape or drive, and taking the previous night copy off site.
  • Providing a secure, offsite storage location for data, that is viable for business needs, removing the risk of the physical media being damaged, lost or stolen while off site.
  • Provide fast access to backup information by having a copy both on the client premises and in an offsite storage location, making data recovery fast, secure and in your control.
  • Clients are no longer reliant on the speed of their internet connection or help of an IT department to gain quick access to the backup data.
  • Offers a complete solution for the recovery of data or an entire infrastructure in the event of site disaster, or hardware loss.
  • Offering 500GB & 1TB of Space both onsite and offsite for your data, more is available if required
  • 3 Tier retention recovery with copies of data kept from previous night, week and month

To explore more of our DR and backup solution, please call us on 01212 850 850